Our Online exam package includes

Rush2exams on web

powerful online exam solution

  • Upgrade your classroom testing to online testing corresponds to the present scenario , most of the competitive examinations being converted in to the online format.
  • This will help students to adapt with the online testing process followed by most of the competitive exams.
  • In case of any unexpected power failure or Internet failure , candidates can resume the test from where stopped.
  • Each candidates are given a unique username ,password and registration number.
  • Individual ranks will be sent to the respective candidates once the testing session is closed.Also generate complete rank-list.
  • Can conduct any number of tests simultaneously.
  • Categorize exams subject wise and topic wise.
  • 24X7 customer support-Upon request.
  • E-mail and SMS service - Upon request.
  • Payment gateway integration-based on requirement.


Powerful Online Exam App Ever Made(for android , iOS, & windows)

  • Conduct any number of tests simultaneously.
  • Categorize your Exams subject wise.
  • Un interrupted service during incoming calls and sms .
  • Work smoothly even in 2G data speed.
  • Data connection needs only to start and end test.No data connection needed during exams process
  • Stop and resume options with Accurate timer function.
  • Android push messages & notifications.
  • Provisions for providing explanations to questions.
  • Show your organization's Branding to test takers

Discussion forum's

  • Its an add-on feature with rush2exams web.
  • Both students and admin can post threads.
  • Subscribers can post comments to each thread .
  • Admin can add moderators to moderate posts and threads.
  • Powerful social media modules integrated.Subscribers can comment using social media(Facebook,twitter,google+ & Linkedin).
  • share discussion directly to your social media wall.

Function features

In case of any unexpected power failure or Internet failure , candidates can resume the test from where stopped.You can set maximum limits for this facility(Either twice or thrice-Depends of conditions.).
Email & SMS alerts about posting of new exams and results.
We provide 24X7 hot line number for the technical support of your subscribers.
You can collect payment from subscribers directly via online payment.We integrate your merchant account with exam portal up on request.
Exam portal can be easily customized according to institution's needs.